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About Us


#NoKids sprang from the observation that our society is still focused on the idea that following marriage, it is only natural to have children.  Every individual has a different idea about how to live his or her life.  What if your family planning doesn’t call for children?  Then you are inundated with that inevitable question…why don’t you want to have children…they are a blessing!  We’ve been asked this question numerous times.  And I’m sure some of you have been pressured to begin the procreation process! 


At #NoKids, we value every individual’s choice to either have or not have children.  It isn’t a matter of what society – your friends, parents, siblings, etc. – thinks you should do, it’s a matter of your own personal choice.  As such, we have decided to provide our own line of empowering merchandise to those who reject the “tenet” that every person on this planet is obligated to procreate – and that having children is a matter of personal choice.  Don’t let anyone bully you into believing you have a civic duty to produce children – remember, you are not alone.  It is your life to live, and if that involves no children, then more power to ya!

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